Saturday, January 30, 2016

Naughteeis Speaks about the Global Chaos of #war #tyranny #imperialism

The Central Bankers keep the fraud going year after year and the Feds keep printing more money than the year before to prop up their colossal Ponzi schemes, which is a total fraud on the people. Some people say they never learn anything from their mistakes, I say they have learned well and know exactly what they are doing. The Multi Nationals and Washington's Corrupt Corporate elites in Government refuse to cut back the money spent on military adventures; they spend 54% of the budget towards maintaining the Deep Police State and the (MIC) Military Industrial Complex. Corporate Warfare is Out of Control, and the FREE RIDES keep getting bigger and bigger for those too big to fail institutions. Almost everyone says No More ' Corporate Socialism Bailouts' for the Banksters and Austerity for the rest of us. They keep finding new enemy's to keep their nasty little wars against brown people going, so that the Military Industrial Complex can thrive and keep making record profits year after year. Washington's culture of spectacle, social syphilis, fraud and abuse of power that never listens to anyone but their masters who own this country, the Too Big to Jail, NO I don't think so, enough is enough. Real Capitalism would let the fraudsters fail, crash and burn, that's why the idea of Free Market Capitalism is a total myth. Sooner or later the free ride for them has to end. Washington will keep printing money and keep kicking the can down the road as long as possible while inventing and manufacturing more new enemy's until they can get us back into more major conflicts and Wars to justify their miserable existence, that is what the pivot to Asia is all about. Everywhere we go with our military the blow back is Daesh. (ISIS) grows and festers in the area soon after. Why?  because they hate our freedoms ? (sic) no dummies they hate our asses because of our foreign policy's of world hegemony. Dissolve NATO now! When the Warsaw Pact was dissolved NATO then had outlived its original purpose and now has become the major belligerent in the world. Bring the troops home to within 500 miles of our borders and only use them for defense, not these freaken proxy wars to prop up Israel and the Saudi's and all the other Pipelinnerstan Nations that the CIA have made into theme parks and have installed their own little Puppet Dictators in to serve the Empire. Stop enabling those knuckleheads by giving them more weapons and stop all the Foreign Interventions and Entanglements. It will never happen because those behind the curtain of the bi-partition Deep State pulling all the strings have always had the same plan, the Destabilization of Sovereign Nations of the World. It's the same old game, it's as old as time itself, divide and conquer by creating as much chaos and instability as possible. We keep reinforcing and justifying their hatred for us with our Exceptionalism. I used to work part-time on Weekends after a full-time job too, back in the day when I was in my prime as a Doorman in Clubs, Doorman that's a polite term for Bouncer. I was head Bouncer one of five on duty, once upon a time at the biggest Cowboy Bar in Anchorage Alaska, the Pines, several dance floors and Boxing every Wednesday Night where you were allowed to challenge the Club Boxer, a middle weight Redhead, not me I'm a Heavy Weight Redhead, just saying (smiling) Anyway I don't drink but I like to mingle and I always liked the nightlife, so that was always my paid vehicle for some action on Weekends. Anyway my philosophy when a bar fight would break out, I would never step in immediately I would let them go at it for a little bit until they started running out of gas, you could almost see it in their eyes that they almost wished some one would stop them at that point and end it, then I would break it up and put them outside. My world philosophy is somewhat the same, these mutants are always going to fight, that's what they have always done, it's just what it is, let them fight, let them fight until they thin out the herd, but you and I should mind our own business and just let them poke each others eyes out with sticks instead of giving them more weapons of war, if we don't enable them sooner or later they will run out of gas or (oil) (smiling), either that or kill each other off completely. Although Washington is the most active and largest with their manufacturing of weapons of destruction and distribution of these weapons around the world, the UK, France, Germany and Russia all arm the world with their modern weapons too. I was reading last week about Daesh had just massacred another 300 people, mostly women and children and elders. Daesh are quite the warriors (sic) Our government is the perfect definition of insanity. They keep repeating their same old game over and over again hoping for more chaos, death and destruction than the time before, it's freaken madness. The Israeli Government needs to be told to fuck off, and the Saudi Government needs to told to fuck off too. Anybody with a few brain cells left knows that ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. When are we going to let the cards fall as they may and let them kill each other off on their own. We need to come home and mind our own business, but we won't. I forgot we have nothing to come home too, no real manufacturing businesses left they all moved abroad because they don't want to pay their fair share of taxes and the labor costs are much cheaper in third world nations, in addition to no environmental regulations. The masters don't want a Unionized Healthy Middle Class, that's not in the masters best interest, a Middle Class that doesn't have to scramble daily for crumbs is not what the masters want. Not everyone can or wants to go to College nor should they, so what else is there for them? Low paying Service Sector jobs and Manufacturing Jobs, at least we should be making what we use here. The ones who own this country, the ones who really run this country, the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and the Deep Police State (DPS) hiding behind the curtain of Government with the Central Banksters and the Multinationals have ruined this country with their greed, and they are coming to a town and country near you. You know I'm right. good night. Stay Strong Resist #War #Tyranny #Imperialism and let's please stop rectal feeding these prisoners of war that we still have locked up for more than fourteen years now with no due process of law. If you don't think rectal feeding is torture please tell me what is? I'm so sick of this Tyranny and Torture stuff, If you think Torture stopped with "the Dick" cheney and little bush "the Decider" you're naive. dick and little bush will celebrate Human Rights Day together rectal feeding each other.

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